Smarter Investor Relations

The first all-in-one communication platform to connect with your shareholders and implement investor relations best practices.


Quality Investor Relations is a competitive differentiator

Over the last decade, the capital market has changed in two fundamental ways: access to capital is changing and investors are changing. How do you know if there is a problem? What can be done to clarify the situation if there is one? Losing confidence of investors because of technical issues? Lost money, or even time?

Sharewoods is the investor Relations Solution that Engage, Build, and Measure: We provide an integrated suite of investor relations solutions to help companies build the right investor base, optimize their investor communications, and generate higher valuations.

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Investor Relations Best Practices with Sharewoods

Publish your Financial Calendar

Show discipline, visibility, credibility and professionalism.

Identify your Shareholders

Identify your individual and institutional shareholders and understand who they are better than ever.

Share Compelling Information

Write and share clear and compelling messages for your shareholders with embedded charts, surveys, images and videos.

Organize and Share Virtual Events

Share the subscription link and feed for your virtual events with your shareholders.

Optimize your Communication Strategy

Access insightful data on your channels, topics and shareholders.

Get Real-time Notifications

Help your IR team react quickly to new information and allow your shareholders to stay informed with real-time notifications.

Enable your International Shareholders

Our multilingual platform allows your international community to come together on a single platform.

Empower with Mobile Access

You and your shareholders can access your IR platform on any device making it easier than ever to interact.

"I have managed shareholder bases with up to 5 million retail investors and with hindsight, I wish Sharewoods had existed!"

Anne Guimard, CEO of FINEO Investor Relations Advisors, IR Expert

"I am confident that our respective approaches to serving listed companies and shareholders will resonate well with the financial community."

E. Coudurier, CEO of ActusNews Wire

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