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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should work with Sharewoods?

Sharewoods is purpose-built marketing strategies for issuers and IR and PR firms. The agency is ideal for firms looking to expand their capabilities and offer a holistic service beyond traditional tactics.

Should I target retail investors?

Yes! Having an institutional investor base is important, but it gives too much power to a few investors. Having a strong retail investor base offers:

  • Diversification: Individual investors provide diversification and allow you to maintain more control over your business.
  • Liquidity: Having many active investors can add valuable liquidity that makes it more attractive.
  • Early adopters: Early adopters can help spark interest and form an important investor base in a burgeoning sector like cannabis and cryptocurrencies before institutional investors are comfortable or able to invest.
  • Brand advocates: Loyal followers of a company that are more likely to invest in it when given the opportunity.

What is Sharewoods ?

Sharewoods is a Finfluencer agency that can distribute and syndicate corporate news, media coverage, or any other content to a network of millions of potential retail investors in France through communication campaign. Retail investors are becoming a more important audience as they abandon traditional brokers. Reaching this audience in a more fragmented investor ecosystem is a challenge. Traditional IR tactics have become less effective on their own, as investors are educating themselves online through publications, financial-focused forums, and trusted social media groups.

What is the value of digital marketing?

The value of digital marketing is its reach. Sharewoods network has the potential to reach millions of investors. A larger audience means you can reach a greater number of investors who might be interested in your company. Digital channels also make it easier to collect strong analytics to measure the performance of your campaigns. Reports on campaign metrics, demographics, reach, and more can help you optimize your campaign and know where to focus your resources.